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Urban Escape Studios use the latest in SIPs technology, providing an extremely well insulated, sound proofed garden room which requires little heating in the winter and remains cool in summer. Adding a sedum planted roof system improves insulation and soundproofing whilst absorbing carbon dioxide and providing a habitat for birds and insects, plus they look great.

Urban Escape Studios are constructed using only FSC sourced timber. Our SIPs panels which are used in the flooring, roof and walls offer high levels of thermal protection saving on heating and air conditioning costs.

The majority of our studios are used as offices. The average motorist spends over 200 hours per year travelling to and from work, spending around £454.00 on fuel and emitting tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Four million people now work from home or act as mobile workers’ and, as congestion increases and reliability on the road network becomes less certain, this trend is likely to continue, cutting down on emissions and stress.

Our timber cladding is sourced from sustainable forests which is all FSC certified and the doors and windows on our studios are double glazed with an argon filled cavity.

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