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Pavilion room

Grant and Nick wanted us to create an artist's studio in an unused corner of their beautiful garden. We designed the garden room with them to ensure...

Project Details

Pavilion room2020-01-24T13:53:20+00:00

Stained glass studio

Lorna and Steve needed a studio workspace with plenty room for all the materials Lorna uses for her stained glass work so that they could reclaim...

Project Details

Stained glass studio2019-11-22T14:20:14+00:00

Outdoor gym

Samantha and Michael wanted us to build them a garden room to use as a gym with space for all their weights and equipment. Their 5.4m x 3.1m...

Project Details

Outdoor gym2019-11-12T16:54:08+00:00

Apple tree studio

Jenny and Sam wanted a quiet office room where they can both work from home. We built their 5m x 3m studio on the unused patio area at the top...

Project Details

Apple tree studio2020-01-24T13:16:06+00:00

Garden den with storage room

Phil and his family wanted some additional living space for them and their children. We replaced their existing garage with this 6.1m x 3.4m studio...

Project Details

Garden den with storage room2019-10-15T11:52:23+00:00

Sunshaded office with storage

Susie and Dan wanted a new room in their garden where they could work from home, and have a view all the way down the garden. We designed this stylish...

Project Details

Sunshaded office with storage2019-10-02T15:32:38+00:00

Garden office

Kayleigh and Jamie run their business from home and wanted a smart new office in their garden where they could work in a bright and airy...

Project Details

Garden office2019-09-12T10:17:46+00:00

Garden playroom

We designed this Abri studio for Paul and Marie to create a flexible space for their family, which sits neatly at the bottom of their garden, with a deck...

Project Details

Garden playroom2019-09-12T10:15:08+00:00

Fitness studio

Cathy and Johnnie were looking for a garden room to use as a gym so we designed a 6.4m x 3.4m studio with shower room and plenty of space...

Project Details

Fitness studio2019-08-23T09:05:17+00:00

Wild dog lodge

Elaine and Catherine wanted an outdoor family room so we built them this 3.1m x 6.1m studio with shower room and deck in their lovely garden. In addition...

Project Details

Wild dog lodge2019-08-23T09:10:48+00:00