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Urban Escape Studios are designed for year round use, being individually tailored to suit you and your needs. Our garden rooms and offices are the perfect space to work or relax in, being beautifully constructed, environmentally friendly and look great in any setting. They can be used as home offices, gyms, music rooms, guest rooms, yoga studios, granny annexes, classrooms, artist studios and so much more.

The need for space and an escape from the distractions of an office in the home makes a garden room the ideal solution. Our studios are extremely well insulated, often to a higher standard than new build houses, have large sliding bi-fold doors so are light and airy and look great in any setting.

Urban Escape Studios have a professional garden designer and a team of experienced landscapers who can transform your garden whilst your studio is being built, ensuring your new outdoor room sits perfectly in your garden.

With the ever increasing cost of fuel and the related affects of travel on the environment combined with a search for a better work-life balance, rising property costs, the availability of new technologies and an upsurge in domestic entrepreneurship all contributing factors in over 3.1 million people in the UK now officially work mainly from home and a further 1 million people work at home on a more occasional basis.

With the majority of people confined to a box room or computer under the stairs when there is space at the end of the garden, with peace and quiet, just waiting to have a lovely Urban Escape Studio built by an experienced, professional and courteous team in less than two weeks!

We can add Wet Rooms, Kitchens, Sedum Planted Roofs, extra Bedrooms, additional doors plus windows and almost anything else.

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